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The Mind Group team

Karen Hope

Founder and Managing Director

Karen really is one of the good guys, since her working career began as a medical Assistant in the Royal Air Force, she has focussed her drive and ambition to help other people. Culminating in the Mind Group.

Her ethos is simple…to help others be the best they can be, whether through early years education, or adult training, to supplying care services to those who need home based assistance. Quality is a word that means a lot to Karen.

Important Fact:

Karen has two wonderful children…so say’s mum!

Carey Lothian

Head of Facilities and Office Management

As you’d expect, as Head of Facilities and Office Management, Carey really has been around the block. With a solid background in customer service and a raft of experience in office environments, she know’s what’s needed to keep the ship on the straight and narrow. 

Her ethos is simple…be passionate about customer service, treat people with respect, and let the good vibes cascade through our wonderful business teams. 

Important Fact:

Carey has to hot-desk from her car seat! 

Brian Devenney

Head of Health and Safety

For many, health and safety is necessary, but boring. However Brian isn’t boring, he loves his job and can often be found studying the latest updates on health and safety legislation to keep his knowledge current and to provide industry related advice to ensure health and safety is embedded in everything the Mind Group does.

With experience gained working within different industries –from chemical, construction, nuclear and manufacturing. Qualified as tutor, safety advisor, assessor and verifier, Brian knows his trade.

His ethos is simple…to provide honest impartial advice that raises standards in heath and safety.

Important Fact:

This is a rare picture of a contented Brian!

Zoe Newbury

Head of Business Development

The ‘Mystic Meg’ of business development. is our Zoe. She’s one of life’s go-getters; when she sees something, she goes after it. For the last two years, she has assisted in driving the Mind Group forward.

Her background is care, and her passion started in 2001 when she found herself assisting her Grandfather. “Wow I am good at this! Maybe I should do it professionally?”, became her first vision. Now, helping people is her vocation.

Her ethos is simple…to develop the businesses, and to ensure the Group flourishes as a whole, and to inspire high quality services through teamwork, support and respect.

Important Fact:

Zoe’s crystal ball allows her to see beyond this spectral plane and to glimpse what’s needed across the Group.

Rob Dixon

Head of Marketing and communications

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Rob loves creative communications. Over 30 years ago, and with nothing more than a passion for design (…and the peculiar hobby of collecting carrier bags), he’s spent his career learning in an industry that doesnt stop evolving. 

His ethos is simple…two things that make a marketing professional stand out from the crowd are an innate ability to quickly understand of the benefits of any product or service and how these relate to the target audience.

Important Fact:

Rob currently works from Cambodia, and has no pets and no ties!

Jack Devenney

Head of Human Resources

As the HR manager, Jack’s personal mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of Mind Group employees.

He may be young, but he has an old head, an empathetic ear and a demeanour which takes the sting out of the occasional HR drama!

His ethos is simple…to contribute to an inclusive group of businesses that treats their employees fairly, gives them a voice and develops  employee wellbeing.

Important Fact:

Jack’s boyish good looks come from his mother, not his father, Brian!

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